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My New Playstation 3

Monday, July 28, 2008

After 2 weeks of working, guess what I have bought from my first paycheck, A Sony Playstation 3 computer entertainment system.

What made me buy this system is its amazing features. One this amazing features is it's built-in Blu-ray Disc™ drive that delivers a whole new generation in high-definition gaming and unmatched digital media storage! The future for both sight and sound! It also has one of the fastest processors on the planet with state-of-the-art high-definition digital media meaning you get playing hardcore! It is 40 times faster than a Playstation 2 that is still very awesome. It can also be a substitute for a DVD player but not just a DVD player because you can also play Blu-rays!

But what I like most from this entertainment system is that you can use it like a desktop computer! Yup! Because of it's built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth system and also a web browser, so you can surf the internet which is very useful for me so I can open my Friendster, Myspace, check my e-mails, watch videos in Youtube, chat and even blogging with my Playstation 3 in a 50" High Definition TV while my brother is using our desktop computer. You can alsostore music, videos, photos and other files with its 80 GB 2.5' Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive. Seriously awesome!

My First Job and My New Friends!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

After just a week in staying here in Canada, I had my first job ever! I'm just new here and still have no friends, money, and nothing to do and I had just turned 16 this May and thought about having a job!

Every time my family and I go out, I always look for now hiring signs at restaurants or fast food chains. I had many choices but the Tim Horton's caught my attention! Cause this Tim Horton's has its own foundation to help children and send them to camps to learn and have fun.

After a day from applying, we received a call from Tim Horton's telling me to come for training! Yah, but I'm still getting paid while still in training! Like I was making 700+ bucks in just 2 weeks!
I'm making money by myself but not just money, I had also many friends from working with different kinds of people.

Now my lists of what I want to buy are now attainable by myself! Got to add more things in that list!

Far From What I Expected

Woah, I'm getting in the hang of this blogging thingy. hehehe. Yup! My new topic is about expectations. We experience a lot of this in our lives, specially when we're excited about something, or thinking about the outcomes of what we do or etc. And I had many of these expectations before we landed here in Canada.

One of these expectations is when I expected that it would be very difficult for me to adjust to this new country and I thought that I would always stay at home and do nothing coz i don't still have no places to go, friends to hang out, and girls to go out with! hehehe. But it turns out to be the opposite, because everyday since we landed here in Canada, I was very very excited to go out and roam to see the nice infrastructures and smell the freshness and the fragrant air in the parks. But not just that coz after a week in staying here in Canada, I got job at a famous fast food branch in Canada, the Tim Horton's and working there made me meet and know different kinds of people.

I also expected that I won't be able to interact and connect with new people because of the difference in race or appearance but when I tried socializing, every people in this country, no matter what race or appearance seems all the same to me. That makes my socializing problems away! And that makes me contented and happy with my new life here in Canada, far from what I expected.

And the most opposite expectation I had is that i would be very very sad and lonely when I land here, but look at me now, happy, contented and handsome! oh, I mean my life is just awesome! hehehe. Once again "Far from what I expected"

Welcome to Canada!

After four long years of my mother's application for migration in Canada and also four years for me wishing that all of this will not come true, we landed in Canada.

Yeah, I didn't want to move to Canada because I was very happy with my life in the Philippines. I didn't want to leave my home, relatives, friends, girlfriends, and that I also had a progress in my loser life in the Philippines.

But what else can I do, were here now so i have to adjust and adapt to a new world, new environment, people, adventures and last but not the least, many topics to post! hehehe. so stay tuned coz I have a lot of sharing to do bout my new experiences
and adventures in my new home, Canada.

My First Post

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh at last my first post! I'm kind of new to this blogging thing, it's actually my brother who kind of forced me to blog. Well, he did all the work designing this blog and setting all my account. All I have to do is post whatever I want to post and I did not even break a sweat. Hahaha!

Well I'm going to post more soon about stuff that I like and everything that happens in my life so please check my blog out for future posts!

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